We are thrilled to announce the official program of #Hacktivity2022 NOW+NEXT powered by Deloitte! We have received tons of excellent papers and the Program Committee had a hard time selecting the best of them. This time we’ll have 48 speakers from 13 countries and they will hold 36 talks and 8 workshop sessions (announced next week), so the international atmosphere and the professional content is guaranteed as always.

The upcoming event will take place at the usual venue, MOM Cultural Center, Budapest between 6 & 7 October 2022.

On the first day, Hacktivity NOW there will be a usual conference with mainly software-security-related topics, but on the second day – Hacktivity NEXTIoT, embedded, and automotive security will be in focus. We’ll have a lot of fun stuff, with exciting games and stunning exhibitor activities.

Participants who want to start their journey in automotive security will have a unique opportunity this year. For example, automotive presentations like “Broad View to Automotive Security and Penetration Testing” and ”Spin That Steering Wheel” will provide them the essential details to understand some key areas in automotive security, then the “Introduction to the CAN-bus and Car Hacking” workshop will provide them the necessary hands-on experience and practical examples that can be used right after the workshop, to target prepared automotive environments installed at the exhibition area.

There will be two tracks of presentations at #Hacktivity2022 one in the Security Theater and one in the Security Dome, but there will be a so-called HackCenter again, a heaven for hackers who want to solve some exciting challenges, share their thoughts with each other, looking for a solution to a specified problem, or just have questions about a certain topic. Check out the Presentations of #Hacktivity2022 below:


Stay tuned for more exciting information about #Hacktivity2022 NOW+NEXT!

POP-UP TALKS WANTED! At the Hackcenter there will be also 5-10 minutes pop-up talks where hackers can present their ideas or try their presentation skills. Do you have a topic or an idea that’s not fully developed? Bring it in and we’ll help you work it out! Maybe you can finalize and present it at the next BSidesBUD conference! Send an e-mail to [email protected] to get on the schedule!

This year we’ll have 8 different comprehensive workshop sessions (2 hours long each) during the conference, those will be announced next week, so stay tuned! Participants will be able to register for the sessions online 1 week before the conference.

Make sure to get your ticket on time and join us in October for a great Hacktivity conference!

We also launched previously the sales for 2 different kinds of WEB HACKING TRAINING SESSIONS hosted by Dawid Czagan, an IT Security Researcher & Trainer from Silesia Security Lab:

If you want to dive deeper into Web Hacking, check out these training sessions where you get 5-6 hours of high-quality training videos and 2 hours long live online training support as well!

Stay tuned for more exciting information about #Hacktivity2022 NOW+NEXT!

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The Hacktivity Team