We are happy to announce the workshops for #HACKTIVITY2022 NOW+NEXT! This year we’ll have 9 on-site sessions at the venue of the conference.

Please note that the registration period for all workshops will start 2 days before the conference. (We’ll notify you about that) Only ticket buyers will be able to take part in the sessions, so make sure to get your ticket on time!

You can choose from the following 2 hours long comprehensive sessions below:

HACKTIVITY NOW – 6th October 2022:

  • BabyVM: Beginners Guide to VM Reversing – Márton Bak
  • Hands-On Malicious Documents Analysis/Reverse Engineering – Ali Abdollahi
  • Hands-on TPM, the Little Chips Keeping You Secure – Dániel Szpisják
  • Kubernetes Security Workshop – Péter Zsíros

HACKITIVITY NEXT – 7th October 2022:

  • Pwn Web3 Through Multichain Attacks – Six
  • Introduction to Automotive CAN Bus Hacking – András Kabai & Áron Szabó
  • Ethereum Smart Contract Hacking – István Böhm
  • CAN-Bus Hacking with Open Source Tools – Thomas Fischer
  • Bug Hunting Techniques (from Real-World Examples) – Levente Molnár & Balázs Pózner

The presentation schedule has been announced previously, if you’ve missed it you can check out the talks provided by our amazing speakers here.

Best regards,

The Hacktivity Team