Hi Folks, our partner in crime, Binary Confidence will prepare a special blue-team capture the flag (CTF) online competition exclusively for the participants of #Hacktivity2021.

The Guardians is a blue-team capture the flag (CTF) online competition, where you can test your skills in Digital Forensics, Incident Response, and Threat Hunting. But Guardians is not just a game. It’s a set of challenges designed to help those interested in IT security to learn and test their practical DFIR skills in an environment that resembles a real enterprise network. Our virtual enterprise has all that a real enterprise has – servers (Domain controllers, MS Exchange, fileserver, webserver, …), firewalls, IDS, log management, or workstations. Simulated users send emails, surf the Internet and use internal resources. And as many enterprises, it is the constant target for hackers. The attacks are prepared in cooperation with professional penetration testers and based on real methods used by APT groups. The competition is open for individuals so sign up, try to solve the most challenges, and win some cool prizes. You don’t need to have any special tools installed to play, any modern web browser will do the job.

Stay tuned, and we’ll provide some more information about the game soon!

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