Hi Folks, as you might already know it, we provide 3 DAYS LONG COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING SESSIONS right before #Hacktivity2019 IT Security Festival. We are bringing the best trainers to create an opportunity for IT-professionals to deepen their knowledge and develop their skills.

There are still free seats for the following sessions:

The Hacktivity Team has a long-time partnership with Avatao, and thanks to this, EVERY HACKTIVITY TRAINING PARTICIPANT will receive a 1 month FREE Premium access to the Avatao training platform. The platform is designed by developers for developers and offers hands-on, job-relevant training exercises that enable users to learn new skills, gain new insights, and practice new approaches in software security. It has over 800 challenges covering the entire SDLC. You will learn how to properly write and review code that will prevent unwanted data breaches and system vulnerabilities.

If you are interested in one of the sessions, make sure to get your ticket as soon as you can! Those, who take part in Hacktivity Training can enter #Hacktivity2019 conference for free!

Click here for more information on the training sessions!